Multicultural Cuisine of South Africa

Delicious South African Cuisine

Much like the “Rainbow Nation” that South Africa is known as, Amawele’s South African Cuisine can be described as a melting pot of influences from English, Indian, Dutch, Malaysian and Native African cookery. The multicultural cuisine of South Africa can be described as cookery that boasts a fusion of different spices from around the world, as adopted by the indigenous people of Southern Africa.

The diversity between the indigenous peoples, as well as the influence of the Settlers that emerged from several waves of immigration during the Colonial period, introduced cuisines that are unique to Southern Africa. This includes the cuisine from neighboring colonial cultures such as the Portuguese Mozambicans.

Amawele’s South African Cuisine

Established in 2013, Amawele’s South African Cuisine is the brain child of South African born twin sister’s, chefs Wendy and Pamela Drew. Their shared ambition and love for food inspired them to open a lunch – take out spot in the San Francisco financial district.

After six successful years, Pam and Wendy have moved what was once a South African lunch take out restaurant spot to an online subscription food service and have rolled out their first scaled product Amawele’s Rooibos Refresher.


Meet the Amaweles; Pam & Wendy

Amawele’s is a Zulu(Ubantu) word meaning “The Twins”. Growing up as identical twins in the incomparable city of Durban, South Africa, Pam and Wendy’s peers had a difficult time telling them apart. From thereon, their nickname as Amawele’s was born. Pam and Wendy always had dreams of exploring the United States, and after achieving success in the finance world, their dreams of travel fast became a reality.

Their journey to becoming entrepreneurs in San Francisco, although long, was quite fulfilling and unexpected. Both Pam and Wendy travelled and worked as childcare providers, and their passion for cooking and entertaining ultimately inspired them to start their own business, a South African food joint in San Francisco.